Sandy has a voice for every medium. Radio, TV, eLearning, web audio and narration. Even being put on hold is enjoyable with Sandy. She’s an accomplished pro with over 20 years “voicing your vision” with style and creativity. Sandy delights in direction and interprets with ease.

Sandy also offers full production of your VOs with music and sound effects!

Some of Sandy’s clients include:, Sheer Cover (national), Folsom Lake Toyota, Safeway, Verizon, Beutler Heating and Air, ABC TV, California Backyard, Aqua Pool & Spa, LA Weight Loss, Sleep Train, Go Girl, Nutra System and many, many more!

When you’re looking for a teen’s voice, what’s better than an actual teenager? Nicole’s been voicing commercials since the early age of 3! Now a veteran in her teen years, she’s knocking out recording left and right. Some of her work includes, Nortic Naturals (National), CA Prop 8, KKFS Radio, KCCL Radio, Disney World and more!

Email or call for reasonable and negotiable rates!

916-704-7718 or